KPC Detection in Micro and Molecular Biology

Products for Microbiology and Molecular Biology Markets

Today’s world of advanced pharmacological science is full of new and exciting products for microbiology and molecular biology. Chief among them, are the latest tools for KPC detection and diagnostics. The current trend and recent outbreaks of Carbapenem-resistant Klebsiella pneumonia (KPC) caused by carbapenem hydrolyzing b-lactamase KPC enzyme presence growth has caused a lot of concern in the field.

Klebsiella Pneumoniae Resistance

Klebsiella pneumonia is a bacterium found in the normal flora of the mouth, skin, and intestines. Left undetected, it can cause destructive changes to human lungs, specifically to the alveoli resulting in bloody sputum. Early detection is critical, and this can only be accomplished through strict measurements that test for the KPC gene. The right tools are essential to control the spread during outbreaks and intra/inter-hospital transmission.

Gene Detection Tools

KPC Detection kits typically come in one of two varieties: Standard PCR and Real time PCR. Standard PCR kits come freeze-dried for easy storage and transport. Detection is made by UV light after gel electrophoresis. Real time PCR kits are compatible with most real time PCR instruments on the market today. The best kits have features which include all of the following specifications. KPC kits need to be sensitive and specific enough to be highly effective at detecting the presence of the KPC gene directly from colonies, bacterial DNA or clinical swabs. They need to include positive and internal controls for simple, straightforward interpretation of the test results, while still being simple and convenient to use. Most just require you to add your DNA to a ready-to-use PCR premix tube. Results should be available quickly. A reasonable time is within 3-4 hours. Each kit should contain the reagents necessary to perform the assay, a positive KPC control, and a detailed protocol which should include instructions for DNA purification.

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