Dead Sea Black Mud

The Dead Sea is one of the lowest places on planet earth, and its salt content is legendary. While it might seem like the kind of place that would be harsh on skin, the Dead Sea is actually drawing people in record numbers who want to use the naturally-occurring products of this body of water to help keep themselves looking younger.

Dead Sea Black Mud

While it might sound disgusting to some people, facial masks made with Dead Sea black mud are actually quite healthy, and for a variety of different reasons. First and foremost, Dead Sea black mud is rich in vitamins and minerals that the skin needs, and applying it directly to one's face can have a lot of healthy benefits. The mud is moisturizing, and it encourages natural skin regeneration. At the same time though there are so many tiny particles in the mud that using it is also exfoliating, which will strip off dead skin while nurturing the healthy, new skin that lies beneath. The result is that when the mud is stripped off the user's face feels refreshed and soft, moisturized and smooth.

What Elements Are in Dead Sea Black Mud

Dead Sea black mud is jam-packed with helpful things that the body needs. This includes magnesium and potassium, calcium, natural tar, and silica. The silica is actually responsible for much of the mud's exfoliating abilities, and the other minerals are what makes the mud so good for the skin. While there are individuals who purchase this mud for use in their own homes, or who will request its use at local spas, there are also individuals who will go to the Dead Sea in order to get the positive, beneficial effects of the mud in person from the source. While not for everyone, that kind of trip can be quite an experience.

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