Dead Sea Skin Products

Secrets of the Dead Sea

When you think of the Dead Sea, you might not think of minerals and vitamins. But thanks to research, we now know what the waters from the Dead Sea can provide. With a variety of Dead Sea skin products, you will never look at the Dead Sea the same again.

Dead Sea spa

Dating back to a time when spas were an everyday activity, people used what the Dead Sea had to offer. Dead Sea skin products have been around a long time. It is reported that Cleopatra herself uses mineral as skin products. The Dead Sea was used for many treatments.

Dead Sea Skin Products

Some skin products include pain relief spay, deodorizing foot cream, repairing foot and hand creams. There are even soaps made with the minerals from the Dead Sea. There are so many products to choose from. Dead Sea skin products might not be well heard of but they are not something new.

Dead Sea Salt

The concentration of salt in the Dead Sea is 33% minerals and salt. Compared to the ocean that is only 3%, you can see how the waters provide such great Dead Sea skin products. Bathing in water with Dead Sea salt is therapeutic. Studies show it can also relieve pain and improve mobility.

Dead Sea Black Mud

Minerals in the mud can help keep your skin healthy. By helping with cell renewal, it can help prevent aging. The waters have minerals such as sodium, magnesium, bromide. The mud contains these minerals as well. Both can help draw toxins out of your body. They can also leave you with fresh, smooth exfoliated skin.

If you're looking for something new to use in your daily skin care regimen, Dead Sea skin products are a great addition. There are so many uses for products made from the Dead Sea.

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